2020FW Supreme Week15

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Coupon code → Penguin BOXLOGO Limited to one use per person.

-----Agency fee ¥13,000- -----
XL size Cross Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt 29,700 yen

-----Agency fee ¥10,000- -----
L,M,S size Cross Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt 29,700yen

-----Agency fee ¥4,000- -----

New Era® Cross Box Logo Beanie

-----Agency fee ¥2,500- -----
Supreme®/RefrigiWear® Insulated Iron-Tuff Jacket 29,700 yen
Supreme®/RefrigiWear® Insulated Iron-Tuff Vest 22,000 yen
Tlaxcala Blanket Jacket 44,000 yen
Logo Stripe Jacquard Denim Shirt 20,900 yen
Plaid Zip Up L/S Polo 13,200 yen
*Restock* Small Box Tee 9,900 yen

Anti Hooded Sweatshirt 28,600yen
Small Box Facemask Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt 29,700 yen
Logo Stripe Jacquard Regular Jean 25,300yen
New Era® Cross Box Logo Beanie 6,050 yen
Reactive Print Camp Cap 8,800 yen
Deep Pile Earflap Camp Cap 9,350 yen
*Unseen* Refrigiwear Beanie 5,500 yen
Pills Skateboard 11,000 yen
Supreme®/Hanes® Thermal Crew (1 Pack) 3,850 yen
Supreme®/Hanes® Thermal Pant (1 Pack) 3,850 yen

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