2021SS Supreme Week7

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Coupon code → Penguin WEEK7

-----Agency fee ¥1800- -----

All products are priced at 1,800-

Supreme®/Dr. Martens Split Toe 5-Eye Shoe 26,400 yen
Clayton Patterson Skulls Embroidered Velvet MA-1 57,200 yen
GORE-TEX Paclite Shell Jacket 53,900 yen
Clayton Patterson Skulls Embroidered Work Shirt 23,100 yen
World Famous S/S Top 9,900 yen
Bleached Velour L/S Polo 17,600yen
Intarsia S/S Top 13,200yen
Small Box Hooded Sweatshirt 26,400 yen
Gonz Logo Crewneck 26,400 yen
Clayton Patterson Skulls Embroidered Regular Jean ¥27,500
Small Box Sweatpant 22,000yen
GORE-TEX Paclite Pant 35,200yen
Clayton Patterson Skulls 5-Panel 8,250 yen
Gonz Logo Beanie 5,500 yen
Reflective Patch Boonie 9,900 yen
Linen Camp Cap 8,800 yen
Supreme®/Akai MPC Live II 242,000 yen
*Unseen* Evergreen Zippo

*After purchasing the ticket, you will receive an automatic purchase email, so please check the content of the email before making your request.

*Usually automatic purchase emails will arrive immediately. Please wait for a while, and if you still do not receive it, please DM us on Twitter @Supreme_Pen_ATC or contact us at supenguinkicks@gmail.com with an email address other than your mobile carrier email address that can receive the email.

*This site uses authorized payment. This only ensures credit at the time of ticket purchase, and actual billing will be confirmed after shipping notification. Therefore, please rest assured that there will be no delay in the cancellation process on our side and your bill will not be finalized.

*If you do not receive the order email, it will be considered a failure, but you will be transferred to the restock service on the same day. If you do not receive it by 11am on Saturday, please wait.

*In case of failure, we will cancel and refund the full amount within 3 days from the online sale start date.

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