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Ticket sales may end early.
Thank you for your understanding.


neighborhood vans collaboration and more
MCT.Tokyo BE@RBRICK IRON MAN and others
Wind And Sea

*About human made agency*

Notes Please be sure to check the following.

Please change your HumanMade account for each item.

Example: If you want 3 types of items, you will need 3 accounts.

Please change your account even if it is a different item.

If you have multiple addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and payment information available, please change them for each account. (If this is not possible, just change the account and keep the other information the same.)

Multiple purchases made with the same account will be canceled.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you make multiple requests using the same account, we will reduce the number to just one to prevent all cancellations.

Please note.

1. Account login information for each site

Sites that require account login

Sites that do not require account login

There are two types.

If you are making a request on the former site (HumanMade, NEIGHBORHOOD, etc.)

Please enter correct account information.

If your account information is incorrect, you will not be able to log in.

Your reservation will be automatically canceled without prior notice from us.

2. In case of cancellation, screenshots must be presented until 10:00 pm on the same day .

Please check the agency fees on each product page.


* When making a request, please make a request directly from the request site below. There is no need to pay for your ticket in advance. It will be automatically aggregated when the form is registered. Please make payment at that time.


1. If you are a new user, please register as a login user. (If you are already registered, please log in.

2. Online delivery user registration/Register the data of the user requesting from the list. (If you have already registered, there is no need to re-register)

3. Select and register the desired item and the user you wish to request from the online agency request.

4.Payment of agency fee will be completed at the time of registration.

5.You can check the history of the data you requested from the online reception history.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



*Agency fees will be charged for each item.

*This site uses authorized payment. This only ensures credit at the time of purchase, and actual billing will be confirmed after shipping notification. Therefore, please rest assured that there will be no delay in the cancellation process on our side and your bill will not be finalized.

*If you do not receive the order email, it will be considered a failure, but you will be transferred to the restock service on the same day. If you do not receive an email during sales hours, please wait.

*In case of failure, we will cancel and refund the full amount within 3 days from the online sale start date.

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