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Online agency details

Thank you for considering using Penguin Online Agency Service.

・Depending on the demand situation, the service may end early or the agency fee may increase. In the case of early termination, changes in product size and request cancellations after the early termination will be invalid.

If you would like to request an agency, please contact us directly from the website below. (If you have not registered yet, you will need to register)


*About coupon code

You can check this by installing this online site on your home screen.

We also recommend that you turn on notifications, as we may notify you of coupon codes exclusive to those who have notifications turned on.
Please check the installation method below.

Installation method

App limited coupon image

It is updated every Monday and is valid only once a week.

The deadline for requests is listed at the top of the site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

--- Please note ---

1.Please refrain from requesting the same address with slight changes. If an order is canceled due to a slight change in the same address, an exceptional agency fee will be charged.

2. Agency fees will be charged for each item.

3.Requests made by credit card on this site will only be reserved for payment (credit).

When the agency request is successful, the amount will be confirmed and payment will be made.
Therefore, please rest assured that your cancellation will not be delayed and the amount will not be confirmed. Please note that requests made by debit card will be deducted immediately. Please note that it may take some time to receive a refund in the event of a failure on your behalf. Please contact each financial institution for refund timing.

4.If you do not receive the order email, it will be considered a failure, but you will be transferred to the restock service on the same day. Even if you do not receive an order email during the sale time of the requested item, please wait.

5. Regarding personal information, this service will act as a messenger and will not use each user's personal information for purposes other than purchasing on behalf of the user. Payment information will be deleted within a few days. Additionally, each user's personal information is encrypted and processed appropriately.


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