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Supreme Week 3.5 Store Lottery Agency Details

There are two types of transaction methods.

[Please select one before purchasing the ticket]

After completing your ticket purchase, you will receive an automatic change email with instructions on how to request a change.

If you do not receive the email, please DM us on Twitter (if you do not have a Twitter account, please contact us via email supenguinkicks@gmail.com

1. Billing will be made upon successful lottery transmission.

・You will be able to see if the transmission was successful here, and we will charge you once the lottery transmission is successful.
・You may try it manually.
・Please refrain from using it in conjunction with other proxy services. ・Even if the lottery transmission is successful, there may be rare cases where the SMS does not arrive. Please note that even in that case, we cannot provide refunds.

2. Billing only if you win after successful submission

・You can check whether the lottery transmission was successful here.
・If the lottery transmission fails → There is no need to do anything. Full refund within 2-3 days.
・If you were unsuccessful in the lottery (you will receive an SMS), please DM us the screenshot by 10pm on the day → Full refund will be given within 2-3 days.
・Win the lottery (you will receive an SMS) → There is no need to do anything. We will charge you.

----------------Notes on making a claim only if you win after successful submission------------------- --

・If you receive a rejection SMS (usually received around 18:00), please be sure to send us an unedited (no cropping, etc.) screenshot by 10:00 p.m. on the same day via Twitter DM or email ・If you have not received the SMS , please provide a screenshot of the part you received from Supreme scrolled down (with the bar on the right side pushed down) so that we can see that you have not received it.
・Please note that if we do not receive a notification of failure by 10pm on the day, we will consider you a winner and your payment request will be finalized. We usually charge 15% of the payment.
・By submitting the form, you are deemed to have agreed to the above.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

There is also data that will not win no matter how many times you successfully send the lottery.
In that case, we recommend that you change your phone number and email address when making your request.

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[Please select one before purchasing the ticket]

Request will be made upon successful lottery transmission (regardless of whether the lottery is successful or unsuccessful)


Payment will be made only if you win after successful submission (if you are unsuccessful, no amount will be charged)

Winning 2,000-

Rejection of procedures after winning 1,500-

Failed 0

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