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We will start the store lottery.

Lottery transmission success rate improved
Even if the lottery submission is successful, if you are unsuccessful, you will not receive the amount.
 1-100 ¥7000
101-200 ¥5,000
201-300 ¥3,500
301〜450 ¥2,500
451~ ¥1500
Rejection of procedures after winning 3,000

Full refund in case of failure or failure
Please wait for an email after purchasing the 7,000- ticket.

If the lottery transmission fails → Full refund If the lottery transmission is successful → You win the lottery (You will receive an SMS) *There is no need to present a screenshot at this time* → Successful proxy → The winning number will be sent the next day Please DM me the screenshot → Request

→ If you were unsuccessful in the lottery (you will receive an SMS), please DM me the screenshot → Full refund.

This is the flow.
Have obeyed,
The screenshot you need is
1.Screenshot in case of rejection

2. If you win, you will receive two screenshots containing the winning number that will be sent the next day.
If you do not receive an SMS, the transmission has failed.
[Please send a screenshot of the result announcement SMS sent by Supreme via Twitter DM. ]

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